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Updates are published in March, June, September, and December.  Depending on when your order is received, we will either send you the most recent TQ or start your subscription with the next edition. If your order is processed in February, May, August or November, your order will ship at the end of that month when a new issue is published. If your order is processed any other time of the year, you should receive your first issue 1-2 weeks after receipt of your subscription payment. 

Standard shipments are by USPS mail. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.  Most orders of over 15 copies are shipped via FedEx and typically arrive in 1-2 weeks.

Good question!  Our yearly subscription model – but quarterly publication cycle – might cause an unexpected renewal date your first year.  We send a renewal notice 2-3 weeks after you receive your 4th quarterly edition.  Then, unless your account lapses to where you miss an issue, your renewal cycle will remain in the same month each year. 

Here’s an example: If you paid in February, your subscription would start with the March issue and include June, September, and December; you would receive a renewal notice mid-December and every December thereafter.  Of course, if your subscription ever lapsed long enough for you to miss an issue or two, the following year’s renewal date would change accordingly. 

Login to your MY ACCOUNT section, go to the My Subscription tab and toggle the “Auto Renew” button on.  If you receive an error message, scroll down the page, click “Add Payment and input your payment details, then return to toggle on “Auto Renew”. (Note: if your subscription is already due for renewal, you will have to place the renewal order first before accessing the auto-renew function in your account). 

Yes!  You can help us reduce paper waste by either setting up auto-renewals (see above) or by requesting email notices only.  Simply login to your MY ACCOUNT section, navigate to the Account Details tab and select “Email” under “Preferred Method of Contact for Renewal Notice.”  Click to save changes and you’re finished! 

Information you will find in our soft contact lens listings includes product name, manufacturer name, packaging quantity, wearing schedule, replacement schedule, material, water content, FDA material group number, production method, base curve, diameter, sphere power, cylinder power, axis availability, available additions and addition type, optical zone, center thickness, disinfection method, Dk valuecolors availabletoric markings, UV protection, and cost.  Information in these categories is listed as provided and directed by the respective manufacturer, along with any other special notes or characteristics they include. 

If the product is an older one, check our Discontinued Lenses page.  There you will find the cumulative list of recently discontinued soft contact lens products as well as those that have been discontinued over the past ten years.  If the product is new, the manufacturer likely did not give us the necessary go-ahead to create that listing in time for the current issue’s publication date.  Please let your contact lens rep know you noticed it’s absence from TQ so that they can notify the manufacturer.  And let us know, too, with a quick email to info@tylersquarterly.com 

Every three months.  TQ Online follows the publication cycle of its parent product, Tyler’s Quarterly Soft Contact Lens Parameter Guide.  You can expect the arrival of quarterly updates to coincide with the March, June, September, and December publications of the print magazine. 

If you are interested in the companion subscription for access to TQ Online, please contact us at 866-664-3788 M, W, F or at info@tylersquarterly.com. 

Contact us at 866-664-3788 M, W, and F or at info@tylersquarterly.com.

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